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When I first started my business, S.I.R collective, I very quickly burned myself out. Within the first 8 months I had developed anxiety and felt very much like I was a hamster on a wheel (of death). Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but I had not yet figured out the art of balance. So I went on, ignoring the signs from the universe that I was spreading myself too thin, that I needed to take a minute for myself.  Nothing was getting through to me. I had to reach my goals. Until one day the universe forced me to stop. While crossing the road after picking up a package from the Post Office, I tripped. I had my hands full so I couldn’t save myself. I ploughed face first into concrete. There I was at a busy inner city intersection, blood dripping down my face, and still trying to be composed. “I got this, I’m fine”, I repeated in my head as I deliriously ran from the scene. I was hell bent on getting back to the office to finish my work. Nothing was going to stop me, not even a face that was ripped apart.

Well, as you can imagine, I ended up in the emergency room that night and after a couple weeks of hospital trips and scans I finally got it (Cue light bulbs springing up above my head and angels singing). What did I get? The epiphany that you are no use to anyone if you smash your face in  if you burn yourself out. I truly believe this accident was the universe screaming at me to slow down. You will achieve so much more if you have balance (literally, and figuratively, ha!). So I made a vow to start having more energetic balance in my life. Weekends were now mine to do as I please. Whether it was sit by the ocean, take in a movie or listen to my favourite chilled playlist. Which is where S.I.R collective’s WEEKEND SOUL playlist came in. This is the ultimate chill the f*vk out playlist. Don’t even try to be hype to this, you’ll just be wasting your energy. Save your bad & boujee behaviour for another time and right in this moment, let new music by some of my favourite artists like John Mayer, Moses Sumney, Kadjha Bonet and Solange soothe your soul. Trust me, you deserve this.

If you want to learn about balance and enjoying moments more, I also highly recommend checking out The Graceful Life.


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