A couple of years ago I interviewed my nanny (my grandmere) on my fathers side to start writing a book on her interesting life. Well, sadly the book is still a W.I.P, but the interviews ignited a desire in me that had been dormant. The need to find out more about my roots, about where I come from, about who my people are. My parents are from the tiny African island of Mauritius, of Creole descent, which means that I’m more mixed than a bag of Allen’s Party Mix lollies.

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So, I’ve begun researching my family tree & damn it is very interesting. I mean this is juicier than a mid ’80s midday soapie, more suspenseful than a Home & Away cliffhanger just before the Summer break and, most importantly, it’s like finding missing pieces of a puzzle. Knowing where I come from is helping me understand my family and myself so much more. How important is to you to connect with & understand your roots?

Inspired by the yearning for my roots & also by Wallace‘s new track, ‘Diaspora‘, we at S.I.R Collective made this new video. I had to throw in a few of my other favourite things of the moment too — including Natalie Joy jewellery, Nina Bernice‘s sustainable and ethical accessories & Abrand jeans.

(video directed & styled by myself for S.I.R collective. Filmed by Sarsha Simone. Edited by myself & Sarsha Simone for S.I.R Collective)

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