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valentines music playlist

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Hell hath no fury like a single woman on Valentine’s Day, right? No, wrong! I for one, am not one of those ‘I hate Valentine’s Day, it’s consumerism at it’s worst, f^ck V Day’ type of people. I actually think there is something really sweet about Valentine’s day. I mean, how can a day that celebrates LOVE, be bad? I know, i know, it’s just a day for florists and Hallmark to make their yearly sales quotas and put up their prices….yeah, and? Of all the problems with consumerism do you really believe Valentine’s day is the biggest issue? Yes, we should be showing love to partners everyday, not just on one day. But who’s saying that just because you shower your bae with extra special loving on a particular day that it means you can’t or don’t show love on other days and in other ways? Just as everyone has their own love language, so to do people have their own way of celebrating love. Let’s be honest, some people need a reminder to show gratitude for their love.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way let me confess a little secret. I’ve never received a Valentine’s Day present in my life.


For a long time, I was that bitter, sad, poor-me person. I felt very sorry for myself on V Day.

These days I embrace solo life on Valentine’s. I’ve also found that Valentine’s is a great day to treat yourself to some self care. If you know anything about me it should be this — self care matters! Take yourself to the nail salon, get a facial, spend some extra time on meditation. Don’t wait on someone else to make you feel special. Own that for yourself and treat yourself like the Queen or King that you are.

However, if you are coupled up this V day, then I wholeheartedly suggest you go all the freaking way and celebrate Valentine’s with no fear of judgement from anti-V day haters. Celebrate your love. Go in, but be genuine to your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a giant teddy bear and chocolates, it might be as simple as having a date night without the kids, or cooking a beautiful meal for the partner who normally does all the cooking. It doesn’t even have to be a public declaration, it could be the sweetest, most private moment that nobody else ever knows about. Whatever you do though, I have the perfect playlist to accompany it. The S.I.R collective Late Night Soul Spotify playlist features some of my favourite lovers like Sade, Xavier Omar, Jones, Ralph Tresvant, Wallace & Rhye. Trust me when I say the Late Night Soul playlist will thaw out even the iciest of hearts and keep you loved up all Valentine’s Day long.

kitten jam valentine playlist

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