It’s Full Steam Ahead For Farnell Newton On ‘Ready To Roll’

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Trumpeter Farnell Newton’s latest release, Ready To Roll, has been on the radar since he released the jazzy lead single “Peace + Love” featuring Tony Ozier and Jarrod Lawson early in March. The smooth number hinted at the quality of the sounds that would feature on Ready To Roll, leaving little doubt that this album would be one to keep a look out for. With Ready To Roll now officially released, it comes as no surprise that the album comes full to the brim with healthy doses of funk, soul and jazz, as Newton has built a name for himself as an in-demand trumpeter within these genres.

Opening with the punchy title track, Ready To Roll gets the ball rolling with funk and acid jazz tones as it moves into the bass driven “Glimpse.” From here though, the mood slows down, as mellow soul and jazz take center stage beginning with the sultry “Make Me Yours,” which sees the luscious vocals of Ashley Jayy sweetly asking her would-be love to make her theirs. Her sweet voice is juxtaposed with the warmth of Newton’s brass here as they play off each other to create a soulful love story. The soothing soundscape continues on the Donyea Goodman-assisted “You Gotta Move,” before the instrumental “Sweet Sauce” takes things in a jazz direction while evoking feelings of the joyful new beginnings that often come with spring. 

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