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It’s February 2018 and I’m sitting here wondering what the hell happened to 2017 and why did January 2018 make such a cameo-esque appearance? I know, I know don’t we all feel that way! But seriously what’s up with time flying by so fast (more on that here)?

So with this feeling of life flying by and with 2017 being a year that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth — it was like drinking the weirdest tasting cocktail I’ve ever sipped on, made up of 2 parts blessed, 1 part disappointment and sprinkled with all the work I’d put in for 3 years prior disintegrating into nothing — I’ve decided that 2018 is the year of ME. I’m going to devote more of my skills and energy to my own personal growth, brand and God given life instead of pouring so much of it into building other peoples brands. Which is why I’ve decided (amongst a heap of other goals) that I’m going to start writing again on kittenjam.com. Writing has always been the most natural way for me to communicate and somewhere along the way I forgot about this gift underneath a heap of generic press releases, cute insta-worthy captions and pitch letters. Well, it’s time to get back to it! The first step in this process is to share with you every Monday 5 things that I’m loving/feeling/experiencing/that I think you might dig. I’m no longer confining myself to one small box and will be discussing all the things that get me going from self love to beverages to music to working for yourself.

Which brings me to my next point — which is that every Wednesday I’ll be dropping tips and tricks on PR, branding and social media that I have gained through my experiences as a publicist, artist manager and consultant. I see so many people selling these tips or asking you to pay a monthly fee to learn them and I figured nahhhhhh I just want to share part of what I know at no cost. I went through the experience of someone very close to me copying every damn thing I did for a while there and it left me feeling very annoyed and protective of my skills and strengths. Part of letting this anger go led me to wanting to pass on some of my skills for free. After all, those that want more will pay for my services and at the end of the day people can copy, copy, copy but they can never be YOU. Copying will only get them so far, but learning new skills and applying it to your life, your brand, your company will always see you winning.

Lastly, but most definitely not least, I’m also going to be dropping a weekly VLOG! AHHHHHH. Yes, you read that right. After toying with the idea for a long time and wrapping my head around directing and shooting more stylised content (you can check out some of my work here) I’ll be taking it back to basics with a glimpse at life — the good, the bad and the damn right ugly! This will not be some pretty, post it for the aesthetic, beauty blogger, ring light reflecting in your eyes BS, but real, complex, life. Since I returned from London late last year I’ve been waiting for for life to be perfect to start really living (you know the spiel — I’ll start dating again once I get my career where I want it to be, I’ll start vlogging once I have an interesting life, I’ll start eating right once….you get the picture) and I’ve realised that all that happens is that you miss out on all the joy that life brings and are dealt a healthy serving of nothingness.

Well, nothingness no more. I don’t profess to be an expert on anything but if you join me on this journey just maybe we can all grow and learn something new together.



Jeans by Bec & Bridge from  The Iconic

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