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Have you ever longed for someone with every part of you, but they seemed to be galaxies away? Not just far, far away in physical form, but emotionally. It’s as if they are there but also, not there. The complexities of the situation are deep and varied, but the conclusion is always the same. The loneliness is palpable. I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point in life. I always try to embrace that feeling when it washes over me, even if it’s uncomfortable, because — in the words of John Mayer, the feeling is just a wave.

Inspired by LA born, Atlanta based singer/songwriter India Shawn’s latest single, Galaxies, which I’ve had on repeat all week, I decided to tap into this experience and create a visual representation of that longing.

The video features Sarsha Simone, pieces by 25 Around The World, Doodad & Fandango & of course, music by India Shawn.

video directed, styled, filmed & produced by myself for S.I.R collective. Edited by myself & Sarsha Simone for S.I.R Collective

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