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Truth be told, in recent years when I’ve worked with the fashion industry in various capacities, I’ve come to despise what this industry represents. Which surprised me, because as a child, I would spend hours doodling designs and I was accepted to fashion school fresh out of high school — but life led me in a different direction.  I had hoped the cliches about this industry were unfounded, but I quickly found that the stereotypes had roots the were deep & strong, which shattered any left over childhood love I had for the industry. So, I had very little excitement about attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney last week. I was extremely excited because the artist I manage, Sarsha Simone had been pegged to walk in one of the first shows and invited to a few shows, but I had no feelings about the rest of the week.

When an artist I work with is invited to anything I instantly put my feelers out to fashion PR companies to loan key pieces and see what magic we can make. Well, this led to me being extended invites to a few shows & before I knew it i was trying to figure out how to not look soooo last season in a sea of key-trend-wearing fashion bloggers & editors. Well, in the end I just did me and I learned an interesting lesson. There’s nothing more stylish than just doing you. Fashion bloggers, in all their on trend, designer threads, seemed to lack any personality in their clothes, and I found myself — dressed in my fave jeans, plain tee & fluffy heels that I bought for $10 from Glebe markets, snapped as a street style pick in British Vogue, Grazia, Broadsheet & more. Go figure. Well, I’m happy to bask in my 2 seconds of Z grade fame while it lasts and then run straight back to the comfortable unknown of the temperamental music industry.

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So, with the farsshuunn week mood in mind I’ve had S.I.R Collective’s Afternoon Aperitif Spotify playlist, curated by me, on repeat. Have a listen HERE.


Sarsha Simone walking for Thomas Puttick at MBFWA

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