#BOOMBAPCHAT: 5 Rising Hip Hop Artists You Need To Know

This week #BOOMBAPCHAT looks at the rising Hip Hop artists that you need to know from Ireland’s Rejjie Snow to Toronto’s Jimmy Prime, these are the rappers we think you should have on rotation.


Here is an artist who is a shining example of not following ‘flavour of the month’ trends; Boogie. This California based rapper isn’t afraid to call bullshit out, or to put phonies on blast, as is evident in his hard-hitting track, “Out My Way (Bitter Raps II)”. His high intensity, quality lyrics, partnered with his slippery, liquid delivery is a combination to be reckoned with. Though he has signed with Interscope Records since his last release, he does want to make it blaringly clear that “the record deal hasn’t changed (his) perception of these thirsty ass n*ggas”. As I said, he isn’t afraid to put people on blast, get the fuck out up his way.

FOR FANS OF: Tyler The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper

Rejjie Snow

THIS GUY IS INSANE! My personal favourite from this list, if I’m being real with you here. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland (I know right, he doesn’t sound like a leprechaun), this sensual, sultry rapper combines his sipping-scotch-on-the-rocks vocals, with groovy, sexy jazz samples that just leave you speechless. His jazzy samples bring to mind many ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ and ‘Shade Sheist’ tracks, but his vocals and lyrical content lean more towards someone like Bryson Tiller. It’s been two years since his ‘Rejoice’ EP, and he has been gradually building momentum over this time, but I feel that with this debut full length, Dear Annie, set for a release within the next 3 months, 2016 could definitely be Snows year.

FOR FANS OF: Bryson Tiller, A Tribe Called Quest, Shade Sheist

Denzel Curry

Florida based rapper Denzel Curry is most definitely an up and coming force to be reckoned with. The sharp, abrasive deliveries, and unadulterated aggression that he has come to be known for is always in abundance, however as of late, he has refined it down, made it more approachable, as well as welcoming the more hook-orientated side of rap. A few co-signs from prominent artists such as Rick Ross (who features on this track), and Joey Bada$$ don’t hurt either. Although he has been on the cusp of breaking through for a minute now, I think these refinements and features may be the final push he needs to gain enough momentum to break into the mainstream.

FOR FANS OF: A$AP Mob, Robb Bank$, Vince Staples

Citizen Kay

Legionnaire-hat-wearing, Ghanaian/Australian flag-toting, energetic, eclectic, and exceptional hip-hop artist Citizen Kay is up next on our list. Between his endless amount of energy, the unmistakable spunk in his deliveries, and his innate talent of hiding deep, thoughtful, and insightful lyrics inside of bouncing, bright instrumentals, it’s a mystery as to why Kay hasn’t reached a broader audience yet. After seeing and hearing about so many people writing off his songs based solely on the fact that he creates signature sparkly, bright sounds — as if that somehow alludes to a song lacking in substance — it genuinely frustrates me that such a talented individual is being overlooked. Though Triple J is playing his music quite a bit as of late, I would love to see a greater support for this incredible Aussie talent.

FOR FANS OF:  Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper

Jimmy Prime

The Toronto native has been releasing moody, abstract music for close to 6 months now, as he previously released warbled, sonic tracks under the name ‘Jimmy Johnson”. Prime coined the term ‘The 6’ in reference to Toronto, a term you may be used to hearing thrown around by another certain Torontonian. His rich soundscapes, and visceral lyrics paint detailed pictures for listeners, bringing them into his reality, or his narrative. He fits into a niche of introspective, emotional artists that are becoming increasingly popular as hip-hop and its listeners become more receptive to sensitive artists. Certainly artist to keep an ear out for over the coming 12 months, with a full length project releasing sometime this year.

FOR FANS OF: Drake, PartyNextDoor, Travis Scott, Amir Obe

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